What is the best way to get to Villa de Roja from Puerto Vallarta?
  Renting a car in Puerto Vallarta is the optimal choice. This will give you the freedom to travel to and from Puerto Vallarta as well as Sayulita, Bucarias, and the other surrounding villages.

  Is it safe to drink the water?
  Villa de Roja has a water purification system. The water coming out of the faucets uses the purification system and is safe to brush your teeth, wash your face, etc. The water placed in pitchers in the bathroom, kitchen, and cabaņa is from bottled water and is safe to drink. There is also bottled water located in the kitchen.

  Is San Pancho safe?
  San Pancho has very little crime. Villa de Roja is a walled in estate. The caretakers quarters is located onsite so there is someone there at all times looking over the house.

  What is it like to drive in Mexico?
  Driving in Mexico is like driving in the United States. There are small differences regarding left turns, but it is easy to figure out. The drive between San Pancho and Puerto Vallarta is mostly 4 lanes. There is a stretch between Punta de Mita and San Pancho (jungle drive) that is a windy 2 lane and traffic can slow down in this area.

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